Rosé Seated Wine Tasting

Tuesday, July 23: 6:30-8:30

Join us for a Bosu's Signature Event. 

Raise a glass to summer! When it’s warm outside and our focus turns to summers at the lake, grilling or hosting lawn parties, we want different kinds of wines than during cooler months. 

We want the carefree summertime crowd pleaser—the vinous equivalent 

of “Summer of 69” in a bottle. 

With all the entertaining we do this time of year, we need a pretty versatile soundtrack of signature summer wines. Enter Rosé—one of the hottest trends in wine today. 

Largely associated with sun-kissed French terraces, swanky beachside bars and warm, alfresco drinking, the flirty and frivolous sibling of red and white wine is certainly having its moment. 

Rosé is your signature summer wine. Your theme song. Pink wine happily spans the colorspace between red and white wine, in a way, rosé is more like a state of mind. 

They’re refreshing, food-friendly and beautifully hued. Rosés are made from a wide variety of grapes creating a world of dry, crisp, refreshing, fruit-forward, affordable options to explore. 

Our rosé tasting is not to be missed! Guests will explore seven outstanding wines while enjoying Chef Bryan’s signature tasting menu designed to pair beautifully with the vino. 

Tasting lineup includes:

  1. 1928 Cavicchioli Sparkling Rosé – Spain
  2. Domaine de la Chanteleuserie Bourgueil – France
  3. Domaine De Paris Cotes de Provence – France
  4. Saurus Rosé- Argentina
  5. Azul y Garanza Rosé – Spain
  6. Domaine Vetriccie Vin de Pays de Ile de Beaute – France
  7. ZOE – Greece

You're sure to find your new favorite!

Chef Bryan's signature tasting menu will be served.

This is a ticketed event, registration required. 

 *Your tasting experience will include seven outstanding rosés, 

a serving of Chef Byan's signature tasting menu and some discussion about each wine.

COST: $40 +tax & gratuity, per. Tickets @ 828-452-0120 

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