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Exploring the World of Wine with Pete Ricci

2018 Dates & Topics

  • (Monday: April 16, 2018) It all Starts in the Vineyard: Wine starts with agriculture, climate and proper practices. We will discuss how wine is made in the cellar after the harvest, different types and styles of wine. We will learn how to taste wine properly including terminology to help you communicate what you are tasting. Wines will be tasted in the class to demonstrate the major components of wine. Session includes tasting 6-8 wines. 
  • (Monday: April 23, 2018) Wine Types and Styles: Wine types and styles will be detailed, tasting wines that are designed for different occasions and uses. Generic wines. Varietal wines. Sparkling wines. Fortified wines. Proprietary Wines. We will discuss how blending, aging and different cellar practices play a role in wine making. Participants will gain a greater understanding of wine labels and how to read them. Session includes tasting 6-8 wines.
  • (Monday: April 30, 2018) Warm Climate Wines & Cool Climate Wines: Climate and the environment play a key role in wine styles. We will taste a selection of wine types from both warm and cool climate growing regions. Participants will (1) gain a greater appreciation for the role climate plays in wine making, (2) how the climate effects the components of wine, and (3) proper handling of wine, storage, serving temperature and glassware. Session includes tasting 6-8 wines.
  • (Monday: May 7, 2018) Where It All Started, Wines of the Old World: You must know where you came from to understand who you are. Wine and wine making have a rich history. Many of Europe's great wineries are hundreds of years old and were instrumental in the development of wine types and styles. Most of the world's grape varieties were developed in Europe. We will taste wines and discuss the local culture, cuisine and lifestyles of the region. Also, we will explore the question, "What makes a great wine?" Session includes tasting 6-8 wines.
  • (Monday: May 14, 2018) Wine, American Style: Wine comes to the New World! We will discuss America's spin on wine. How wine moved from the dinner table to the night club, the swimming pool and the college campus. We will also explore (1)  how marketing and wine ratings affect the wine industry, and (2) how to shop for wine. Participants will taste America's version of Old World varieties. Session includes tasting 6-8 wines.
  • (Monday: May 21, 2018) Wine Regions Explode Around the World: The demand for wine exploded with new marketing and wine became an important beverage to American entertaining. This led to the growth of wine regions that could support the higher demand in volume of the world's consumption of wine. Participants will taste wines from South America, Australia, New Zealand and other wine regions to understand a global view of wine. Session includes tasting 6-8 wines.


A series of six classes and wine tastings dedicated to exploring the world of wine, led by Pete Ricci. Upon completion participants will have a greater appreciation for the fundamentals of wine and wine selection. No prerequisites. Sessions will be held on Monday evenings: 6-7:30p at Bosu's Wine Shop. 

Cost $49 per, or purchase the entire series and get one class for FREE (all six @ $245).  All sessions include tasting 6-8 wines appropriate for the topic.

Each session may be taken as a stand-alone class or complete the entire course for the best outcome. Note: Seating is limited, advanced purchase is encouraged.

(828) 452-0120 to register

About Pete Ricci

Pete Ricci has 45+ years of experience working in the alcohol & beverage industry including production, distribution and retail. Over his career, Pete has worked to develop farm winery legislation to encourage more family-owned wineries. He cites having had the honor of working with multiple generations of families in the industry as giving him a perspective on wine making that is priceless. Pete enjoys sharing his vast knowledge and experience in hopes that others will also develop an appreciation for the rich history and traditions of family wine making.